Oak Tree and Fern

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Oak tree and fern, 2021 ©Charlotte Hamrick “Beauty was all around them. Unsuspected tintings glimmered in the dark demesnes of the woods and glowed in their alluring by-ways. The spring sunshine sifted through the young green leaves. Gay trills of song were everywhere. There were little hollows where you felt as…

The Healing Earth

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature—the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.” – Rachel Carson

For a moment

“But in the morning, with clear heads, we have breakfast and take our walk. The way the air smells, the sound of the breeze, the crickets, the sunlight on green leaves, the bunny nibbling grass under the forsythia, the catbird nesting in the rhododendron, the little white farmhouse down the street with its barns and … More For a moment

Let things go

Fern covered Oak, Audubon Park, New Orleans You will find it is necessary to let things go, simply for the reason that they are too heavy. —Corrie ten Boom

Living Richly

If we want to know what happiness is we must seek it, not as if it were a part of gold at the end of the rainbow, but among human beings who are living richly and fully the good life. — W. Beran Wolfe


God enters by a private door into each individual. — Ralph Waldo Emerson, philosopher & poet

The Rim of the Eye

There are sights too beautiful to swallow. They stay on the rim of the eye; it cannot contain them… We talk of drinking in a sight, but what of the excess that cannot be caught? So much goes by unseen… —Olivia Laing

Merry Christmas!

“A trunk in the attic contains: a shoebox of ermine tails (off the opera cape of a curious lady who once rented a room in the house), coils of frazzled tinsel gone gold with age, one silver star, a brief rope of dilapidated, undoubtedly dangerous candy-like light bulbs. Excellent decorations, as far as they go, … More Merry Christmas!

Big River

The Mississippi River at New Orleans 2008 “I’m not on this side of the river saying ‘This is how you cross.’ – I’m on your side of the river going ‘Wow, that’s a big river.’” — Charlie Mackey * I learned about Charlie Mackey and his art just this morning from the tv show Sunday … More Big River

So Must You

Something terrible can happen to you, and yet, the day after this something terrible, the sun still rises, and life goes on. And therefore, so must you. — Martin Short, comedian